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Liquor Perfection Collection

Tin can remove some of the harsh bitterness from alcohol. The spiral shape of this tin decanter top mimics the look of flowing water while also maximizing surface area contact with the liquor in your decanter or glassware. The liquor pours out in a beautiful stream while flowing through the tin spiral, resulting in a smoother, mellower drink that's as easy on the eyes as it is on the palate.

“Woo Collective is one of Taipei's best homegrown brands”

—《Louis Vuitton City Guide》

Woo Collective is one of Taipei's best homegrown brands, run by a group of local designers who began the label with the purpose of reviving traditional Taiwanese tin craftsmanship. One of its core founders, Hsin-Ya Huang, studied the craft under Chen Wan-neng, a well-known master in the tradition. The collective has since reimagined tin homeware and accessories with gorgeous results: brushed surfaces reminiscent of the soft strokes of Chinese paintings done in freehand; combinations of smoky, glazed and etched textures that give pieces an added modern elegance. The Studio has managed to give the material - typically an ultra-pragmatic choice for its non-toxic, easy-to-clean and odourless qualities - a surprising sense of glamour. Some pieces conjoin decorative tin and wood for the ultimate industrial-chic look. ( page 226 )

Maintenance tips

1. Clean along the grain with warm water and flannel.

2. Wipe away fingerprints and grease using flannel to keep the tin shiny.

3. Squeezing or rubbing with hard objects will cause damage.

4. Do not use in temperatures under -5 degrees or over 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Contact with acid will cause discoloration.

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